The Heart Behind Ranaissance Care: Tendai Makumbe

3 October 2023

We’d like to introduce you to Tendai Makumbe, the face and the heart behind Ranaissance Care. Tendai has an inspiring story and philosophy that truly defines Ranaissance Care. 

Tendai’s journey into the world of caregiving is marked by deep empathy and an innate ability to connect with those in need. He found his passion for care at an early age. Growing up in Zimbabwe with a brother with severe autism, he discovered a unique calling. While some children might have been resentful, Tendai grew to love the experience of caring for his sibling. He and his brother developed a strong bond and their own way of communicating, and in doing this, he empowered his brother to connect with the world.  

Sadly, Tendai lost his brother at a young age, but his experience as a young caregiver shaped his patience and deep empathy, qualities that would become the cornerstone of his future career. 

As a young adult, Tendai moved to the UK, doing various jobs from waiting tables to cleaning airports – but his passion for caregiving solidified when he took a job as a personal carer. It was here that he realised that making a difference in people’s lives was his true calling. 

Starting as a personal carer in a care home for the elderly, Tendai’s commitment and dedication stood out. His journey led him to supported living, where he cared for a gentleman with challenging behaviour. Through patience and understanding, Tendai developed a deep bond with his client, eventually becoming his key worker. His skills didn’t go unnoticed, and he was promoted to Senior Support Worker and later to Care Coordinator. Tendai’s compassion extended beyond his clients; he was also embraced by the families of the service users. 

It was during this time that the seed for Ranaissance Care was planted. Tendai envisioned a business that would provide well-trained staff dedicated to promoting dignity, respect, personal choice, and independence.  

In 2013, he took the leap and founded his own company, initially offering domiciliary care. For the first three years, he worked tirelessly on the ground alongside his small team, training them in his methods and philosophy behind care work.  

Tendai believes that caregiving is not merely a job; it’s a vocation that requires genuine passion, and he looks for this passion in the people whom he employs. It is this philosophy that leads to excellence in care and is the key to the success of Ranaissance Care.  

Along with passion, Tendai’s approach to building his team mirrors his own qualities—patience, effective communication, understanding, and initiative. He firmly believes that these attributes are the core of being a great caregiver.  

In addition to these human-centred skills, the Ranaissance Care team work closely with a training partner to ensure that all care workers are constantly trained.  

What sets Ranaissance Care apart from its competitors is a deep understanding of what great care looks like. Clients can be exceptionally challenging, and Tendai always reminds his team that “you have to understand that these people require support and don’t necessarily mean what they say. Don’t take it personally.”  

A real-life example illustrates this: a 56-year-old service user with highly challenging behaviour and anxiety around people of different ethnicities. Throughout their interaction, Tendai remained calm, reasoned gently, and empowered the service user to make a sound decision about his own care. It was this patience and understanding that resolved the situation effectively. 

Tendai’s mental resilience and unwavering compassion have built the foundation for Ranaissance Care. The company’s dedication to selecting the right caregivers for their clients, their 24/7 availability, and their commitment to providing high-quality care showcase their reliability and dedication. 

In the world of caregiving, true success is measured by the impact you make on the lives of those you serve – and Tendai’s journey from a young caregiver to the founder of Ranaissance Care is a reminder of this.  

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